Color temperature

The color temperature is a very important thing to keep in mind when choosing a light bulb or LED lamp. This value is indicated in Kelvin (K) and basically determines whether the bulbs produce warm or cold light. This value is very important because every room needs a "color of light" and is mainly determined by the activity that we perform. A warm light tone creates a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the tone neutral white light is more versatile and tone of white light is perfect for cold working areas.

Temperaturas de color luz LED

Warm light 2700-3500k

This tone of light is suitable for lighting rooms, bedrooms and living areas, invites the relaxation and create welcoming environments.

Neutral white 3500-4500k

This tone of light is very versatile and makes it a valid option as general lighting in homes and businesses. It is more recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, in halls and rooms can be cold and unwelcoming. For commercial applications it is very suitable as general light for its ability to adapt to any activity.

Cold white 5000-6500k

This tone is suited to illuminate work areas (workshops, offices, clinics), promoting concentration and help avoid eyestrain. It is most commonly used in offices and workplaces, but has to make a proper distribution to avoid glare.

Color rendering index (IRC o Ra)

The color rendering index is an independent value, but is related to the color temperature. Color rendering index measures the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce colors, with 100 being the maximum value determined by daylight.

Today most market LED lamps and bulbs have a CRI value of 80 that is a value suitable for almost all applications, although in certain lighting projects CRI 90 is necessary.