Lighting your hall

When lighting a hall or corridor one of the main issues to consider it is to adapt to the geometry of the environment as it is not the same illuminate a very long and narrow one square wide corridor. If you have space and height placing a pendant lamp becomes more important as the main element that our visitors will see our home and the first image perceived it. Installing sconces "wall washer" give a different touch and eye-catching as they play with the effect of light getting attract attention immediately. If on the other hand we seek a more practical option provides LED bulbs strips with designs to suit any space and with minimal energy consumption.

Consejos iluminacion de pasillos y hall 1

Among the options most used for its versatility are the recessed light, these are available in metal finishes, glass, etc. and together with the possibility of installation with bulbs LED makes this option one of the most recommended today. They can be installed in various ways, for example if we want to illuminate a long narrow corridor, the ideal is to place making an effect of "bathroom wall" and create the feeling of "expand" the hall and avoid the effect so unpleasant tunnel housing.

Consejos iluminacion de pasillos y hall 2

However what we will lighting a hall with square and broad way, we can play with accent lighting to highlight important elements such as paintings, furniture, etc and supported with indirect lighting, picturelighting paintings or standing lamps. Given the impossibility of recessed spotlights and lack of height to place hanging lamps, the option to install decorative panels becomes important. These have evolved considerably in recent years through the use of new materials such as fabric, glass and other synthetic materials.