Lighting your bedroom

The bedroom as one of the main rooms of any home, you need variety when planning your lighting. A good starting point is the combination of general lighting with spot light in areas such as headboards, side tables and reading areas. We have a kind of light for every possible activity to be performed, since the same light is needed to see television for reading or working. Concerning the color of light warm tones between 2700-3500K is recommended, this is because it is part of the so-called comfort zones or relax in a home and hues cold light are not suitable for this type of space .

Iluminacion de habitacion moderna

For general lighting in the room is recommended that the lamp or bulbs cover light much space as possible, that is not opt ​​for lamps spotlight that reduces us the visible space and we can produce glare to be generally positioned above the bed. If we choose to install recessed spotlights as we see in the picture below, you must calculate the correct amount and the correct disposal. Today you can use LED bulbs in warm tones or low consumption in order to seek maximum efficiency.

iluminacion habitacion focos carril

On the other side when lighting headboards or tables, the first thing to consider is to choose between light sconces or decorative light fixtures for reading. This is very important because sometimes the "decorative" sconces not offer the ideal place to read and can sometimes annoy someone else who wants to rest, so does light table lamps.

Iluminacion de habitacion con apliques lectura

There is also the alternative instead of installing sconces or sobremesas reading, hanging lamps can place a focus on the table, thus releasing the space it getting an original and practical effect.

Iluminacion habitacion lamparas mesa