Lighting your bathroom

The bathrooms and toilets of a house have characteristics that makes them different from other rooms in the house, is one of the only rooms in which we encourage you to lock ourselves inside, which gives a private character as a "sanctuary "or" shelter ". That's why emphasize the importance of transforming a bathroom into a relaxing and functional shelter by lighting.

The types of light needed to carry out such a task are accent light, decorative and task. The mirror lighting is perhaps the most important for the use we give and the need not to have shadows that hinder us to perform the activity. Installing a pair of mounted to the height of each eye, one at each side of the mirror appliques recommended, this is the best option to avoid shadows when applying makeup, shaving, etc. If you can not make such a facility, another option is placing a fixture at the top of the mirror or two spotlights recessed LED with focused light to the mirror.

Consejos iluminacion de baños

Take advantage of decorative elements in the bathroom thanks to the accent is highly recommended, if you have pictures, mirrors or flowers highlight them in certain sites it is almost obligatory to treat them as if it were a sculpture. We must also evaluate the installation of lights in the shower. They have to have a class protection against IP54 or IP65 and get properly illuminate the area and toilets save space in small size.

Consejos iluminacion de baño 3

Concerning the right light color, it is one of the areas where you can appreciate the tone of neutral white light 4000k as in the kitchen, but it is recommended that the mirror area is illuminated with bulbs led with warmer light the environment 2800-3500K.